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Dietech Tooling Solutions offers high-quality tooling services and software for metal stamping operations.


We make efficient and precise progressive, transfer, and pre-pierce dies, as well as weld and assembly fixtures, replacement details, and offer die repair and reverse engineering services.

Progressive Dies

Dietech Tooling Solutions designs and manufactures high-quality progressive dies for efficient and accurate metal stamping.

Transfer and Line Dies

Our transfer and line dies are engineered to meet the needs of high-volume metal stamping applications with precision and durability.

Pre-Pierce Dies

Our pre-pierce dies are designed to produce accurate and reliable holes in your metal stamping applications.

Die Repair

At Dietech Tooling Solutions, we provide reliable and efficient die repair services to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

Weld and Assembly Fixtures

Our high-quality weld and assembly fixtures ensure precise and efficient assembly of your metal stamping projects

Replacement Details

We offer a wide range of replacement details to keep your metal stamping operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Reverse Engineering

Our expert team is equipped to perform reverse engineering services to help you replicate and improve existing metal stamping parts and components.

A hand drill laying on top of a stamping die.
Another water-cooled drill tears up flakes of metal shavings.
A man in a blue sweatshirt operating CNC equipment.


We offer precision tooling solutions using industry-leading software like Catia V5, LS-Dyna, MasterCam 2020 Mill Level 3, and Virtual Demis. Our skilled team creates customized designs that are tested for optimal performance and reliability, ensuring top-quality products with unmatched precision and efficiency.

Catia V5

Our team of experienced designers and engineers uses Catia V5 software to create precise and efficient tooling solutions. 

Simulation LS-Dyna

Our simulation capabilities with LS-Dyna software allow us to test and optimize our tooling designs for maximum performance and reliability.

MasterCam 2020 Mill Level 3

Our expert programmers use MasterCam 2020 Mill Level 3 software to produce accurate and efficient tool paths for our CNC machining operations.

Virtual Demis

Our Virtual Demis software ensures accurate and efficient measurement and inspection of your metal stamping parts and components.

An overhead view of a man working at his desk.
A man working with CAD software on a computer at his desk.
An overhead view of a man working at his desk.

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